What is a Database?
A database holds an unlimited amount of information and can store it into logically grouped categories, using columns and rows. That data or information can then be automatically retrieved and manipulated in whatever manner you choose. Why utilize databases development in the design of your web site?
Browser Based Administration
This allows you to change your site content; you simply access the page with a user-name and password, type your changes and press the update button and immediately your site is updated. You can change it as often as you like with no cost or charge to you.
E-Commerce Automated administration
of order processing, shipping, receiving, inventory control, purchase orders, billing, accounts receivable and payables. Merchant Accounts for automated approval, collection and deposit of funds. Receipts to clients, custom service requests Etc. If you can envision it .. than we can deliver it.
Database E-mail Marketing Automated administration
for an e-mailing list that will subscribe and unsubscribe members and categorize them for you. Customize responses to specific data categories. E-Mail marketing campaigns, promotions, Bulk e-mails, Etc. If you can envision it, then we can deliver it.
Automated Data Control with Automation
you can provide online calculators to qualify applicants; automate immediate customized personalized follow-up responses to interested clients. Collect data with online questionaires; collect statistics like site traffic, visitors, etc. Manage scheduling of your sales staff, post up to the minute information on sales quotas, or customized price quoting. Schedule events with automatic e-mail reminders. Automatic date driven commands to delete previously scheduled items. Add and delete audio files, visual files, written documents, automatically archive previously posted files. Search and manipulate all the data within your database. Search alphabetically, by date, by author, by subject, by keyword, or whatever. If you can envision it, than we can deliver it.